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Thursday 7/7


Thursday 7/7

A. Bench
B. 6 rounds of:
1 min max deadlifts (185/135)
1 min Burpees onto plate
*no rest between rounds

*Hey guys and gals! We are looking for full extension at the top of each deadlift (with perfect back each rep) and also a full hip extension onto the plate for the Burpees. Max reps are your score BUT consistency of the movement is the key to moving well over a long period of time. Therefore, the intensity will come. So…good form people!!

Please choose a weight for the deadlift that you can do at least 5 in a row (touch and go) consistently. If you are pulling singles from the get go, you have probably went too heavy. Can’t wait to see you all when I get back! But I love programming for you from afar! ~Linds

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