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Self Defense

A three week program designed to introduce you to basic strike, kick and blocking techniques paired with strength & conditioning with a general focus on agility, balance and stamina. In addition, there will be discussions on topics such as: preventative tactics, mental and physical response to perceived danger, statistics and more.

Your instructors are; Scott Cunningham, a retired police officer with over 20 years experience as a police defensive tactics expert/instructor which includes extensive background teaching women’s self-defense. Kelly Gilson, has a background in Taekwondo (first degree black belt) in Hapkido, mixed martial arts and has been a level one CrossFit trainer for the past 6 years, she will help guide you in obtaining more mental/physical preparedness.

If you have a group of 6 or more interested in this course please contact Kelly via our CFMH website and we can explore different options available.

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