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Intro Course

Our Intro Course provides people new to CrossFit with the opportunity to learn about basic techniques, terminology, pre-workout warm ups and exercises before participating in regular classes. 

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The programming of CrossFit is based on gymnastics, weightlifting and mono-structural movements. You will become stronger in all of these areas therefore making your potential to move your own body weight or external objects that much greater. 

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At crossfit mt.hood we run an Olympic lifting program separate from our regular classes. The program runs for 6 weeks every 10 weeks. It focuses on the Clean andJerk and the Snatch. The class gets progressively more challenging and technical. This class is for all levels and abilities. Olympic lifting is great for developing strength, power and body control. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun!

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Matt will provide you with movement modifications, some simple exercises to improve body position or strength and video analysis of your movement.

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